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Hygge is the lifestyle that has transformed the Danes in the happiest people in the world, and that now is catching on abroad.

In its essence, the concept of hygge regards the research of the everyday happiness through the enjoyment of the present and of the little pleasures of life, especially if shared with your loved ones.

It is important to create comfortable and relaxing spaces, that transmit an immediate sense of intimacy, warmth and protection for yourself and for the others.

Weddings are by definition "hygge", because they gather the families and the closest friends in the same place to share the joy of the moment. With some changes, they can be even more hygge!

First step. Choose an informal, cozy and comfortable location, that makes to feel at ease your guests: a rustic Scandinavian- inspired venue with bare wooden beams, a farmhouse with fireplace, a barn or a large open space in the countryside.

Second step. Create a feeling of warmth, even if it's a summer wedding. Candles, lanterns, seasonal blooms, arranged in unstructured bouquets, branches and lights with golden glow are perfect for this purpose. They create a very romantic and enjoyable atmosphere.

Third step. Dedicate a space to the relax, a place where your guests can get away from technology. The Danes call it "Hyggekrog", a corner in which to pamper yourself. Decorate your Hyggekrog with sofas, sheepskin rugs, warm woven blankets and pillows. If you want, you can leave some books to read or a small station for the hot chocolate.

Fourth step. For the table, opt for natural fabrics with soft textures in the shades of green and blue, that have a calming effect. Use centerpieces with clean lines, mixing matte finishes and glossy finishes.
Don't forget to include a wooden accent: Danes love bringing in their house organic materials collected in the woods.

Fifth step. The comfort food is definitely hygge: green light for roasts, barbecues, served in casseroles rather than on plates, and puddings.

Hygge winter via La Figurina | Pink record player via Rtl Girls | Tablescape by Giuli&Giordi via Ilamalù | Garden setting by Allan Zepeda via Scribe Winery | Family dinner via Wit&Delight | Mulled wine by The Bijou Bride via Country House Wedding Venues | Plaids for guests by Katie Laird via The Finishing Touch Blog | Fireplace by Beall and Thomas Photography via Country House Wedding Venues | Food station by The Bijou Bride via Country House Wedding Venues

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